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Words as Containers

Deep with my fascination with words and their magical powers, is sacredly the most powerful of all.....word.

Meaning, guarantee, oath, promise, signal, element, purpose, all live with this 4 letter container.

A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing.

Energetically words are spiritual containers that carry power-they carry love, faith and gratitude, or sometimes they carry hate, fear, and negativity.

Every day we speak we are filling our containers with words spoken-question is, what are you filling your container with?

A colleague was recently sharing with me her frustration with resistant people in a group she was trying to facilitate in a treatment center. The word resistant grabbed me and I suggested she explore the meaning of resistance with the group members the next time the group was struggling.

The next week she followed up that she ran into the same resistance with the group and invited them to share about what they are resistant to, how it feels, and why.

She said all of the members really engaged in an open discussion and connected to the previously unnamed challenge with the group.

My friend said the energy really flowed and group members commented how much better they felt being able to name what they were feeling and openly explore it.

During a meditation last week our Shamballa Healing Center, Noah had us repeat the word home over and over, first out loud in order to hear ourselves saying home, then silently, bringing its meaning deeper and deeper inwards. This was a simple, profoundly powerful experience, a journey through the senses with deep connections.

Consider a word closely related, spell:

To form words with letters

Forms of words held to have magical powers, a state of enchantment.

The words we choose to speak, both out loud and to ourselves every day, all day are containers for meaning, and ultimately direction in our lives.

As a healer, speaker, mentor, and writer, I want my words to resonate with others to facilitate and inspire connection.

I imagine words as a delicacy, a spirited dance of essence, purpose, and possibility when filled with intention and arranged with creativity.

I fell in love with communication my sophomore year of college when on a political science/law track I had to take a public speaking class. At first I was terrified, then exhilarated and transformed when I learned of the limitless power within the words we choose and how we arrange them.

I switched to the College of communications and dove into the magic of rhetoric, communication theory, and debate. Of course, it was the magical study of my lifelong love of words.

My career path from that point on has flowed from my passion, skill, and dedication to connection through communication.

Along the way both personally and professionally I have had to learn not to assume that everyone attaches such importance to the words they use, and perhaps once or twice suggested that maybe they could be more cautious or intentional about their words, given the power they carry, as containers.

Learning to ask clarifying questions when my word centered, meaning soaked interpretation kicks in has been a life saver.

I choose Joy, Authenticity, Love, Growth, and Connection.

These, among others, contain my intentions to bring my Light into the world in any way I can.

When I am fearful, confused, or lost, I am aware of the words I am allowing or choosing to use, honoring their power to manifest.

I share this in hopes of inspiring awareness, excitement, and curiosity.

What words are you filling your containers with today?

It's your choice!

In the beginning was The Word..........

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