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Comfort Zones........not always comfortable

So.......I started this piece last week, and I like to write in one sitting, maybe an edit or two, and send it out.

Then something happened which deepened my understanding of the less than desirable effects of the ever intriguing Comfort Zone.

Busy-ness, not to be confused with Business, or yes, one and the same?

As my vision for my business as a healer, writer, and speaker continues to grow and take shape, there is aways something creative to do. I look forward every day to showing up in the flow of energy for connection and collaboration.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. The humidity of August gone, cool nights under warm blankets, turning leaves, and crackling fires. The height of comfort for some of us.

There are those moments that seem unremarkable, but then they leave a remarkable imprint upon us, marking time, awareness and attention.

Many years ago when by boys were young I remember driving down a side road near our house, winding along the leaf covered road, a nearby fireplace filling the air with that magical Fall aroma.

I felt such comfort; a state of ease and freedom from pain or constraint, warm, familiar, a place we are content to stay.

I have always experienced life through a writers lens, and began wondering about how people experience comfort, what are our stories?

Does everyone feel safe and protected, drawn in to a place of warmth and ease as the leaves begin to drift to the earth?

What are the places, people, or activities that soothe us?

And what about the downside of being too content to stay......the same?

My comfy chair whose cushion leans slightly to the right as I lean on the arm when I write. I knew this chair I found at Restore would be a comfortable spot to kick back and settle in.

A spot near an open window beside my cat, an old familiar show playing in the background, steaming cup of spiced red dragon chai tea, blank pages inviting me in.

When I was in my full time position as a Program Director, my comfort zone was in the unplugging from it all and recharging my physical, emotional, spiritual batteries.

Since leaving that position May 2021 in order to expand and explore avenues for bringing healing through community connection, I have found comfort in the busy-ness.

Coffee with an old friend or colleague, writing, providing healing sessions, marketing, gym, walks in the woods, pickle ball, meditation, networking, cooking, joyfully on and on.

Time flies by, a new kind of comfort.

But as a person committed to growth and inspired by challenge, I yearn to move outside of the comfort zone. Itching to move beyond the space of contentment, finding the potential that lies beyond, in the space between comfort and change.

So now, on this evolving journey, I intentionally choose to slow down here and there, quietly return to the comfy chair and see what awaits me.

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