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Who Am I?

A question that often sparks many emotions, responses, and questions. An opening for exploration, discovery........and remembrance of our divinity.

After years of exploring this question, Who Am I feels like sitting in peaceful awe amongst the stars, feeling the Light Connection and all of its potential.

As Within, So Without~As above, So Below.

My alignment journey began at the age of 23 when I was handed my first sobriety medallion, which reads, To Thine Own Self Be True

The exploration of aligning with Who I Am, my purpose, my authenticity, and my spirit, was sparked by these few words.

Who is Thine Own Self?

How do I go about Being True?

I marveled at the choice of this simple, yet profound statement on the back of the medallion that anchored me those first years, clinging to the hope and inspiration of those who walked beside me.

Sobriety at the age of 23 was a choice to Live, to remain on this planet. Confused by life and my 'own self' in this life, I had been numbing and drowning her since the age of 13.

These past 35 years have been dedicated deeply to Unity, Service, and Recovery in all areas of my life. At 23 I was thrilled, albeit afraid of the unknown, to discover a new way of life, a true way of life. A life where people gathered to share their experience, strength, and hope......thus creating a community of hope and healing.

I felt, knew, and trusted the Unity of love and light I found in the halls of AA.

I had found my people in the midst of the darkness, they shined light for me.

This sparked a Truth To Mine Own Self that I had known was inside of me all along.

Seeking, searching, coming home.

I was honored by the responsibility of carrying that light for others to see, to find a way back.

Life was still life, life on life's terms they would say, keep coming, it gets better.

This fire has burned deeper and brighter inside of me for 35 years.

25 of those years through service in my career, working my way up to the program director of a women's treatment center, the joy and fuel for Rising Higher and Stronger Together to find true healing.

Step by step seeking to Be True To Thine Own Self has brought me more and more into Alignment to my soul's calling and purpose. Two years ago I was called to bring the message of Light through Unity to the world beyond the walls of the treatment center I ran. Through the challenges and necessary growth spurts of being a business owner, my driving force has been the Knowledge that my Truth in The Light is of being a Creator of Community Healing and Connection.

In this place of aligning my thought, words, and actions with my highest truth I find inspiration, joy, courage, and confirmation. By continually facing fears, choosing faith, and nurturing true connection with others, I am blessed with the creativity to stand taller, reach further, and claim my vision.

So, when I say Together We Rise, this is the fiber of my soul, my joy, and my essence.

And as the challenges come, I Know they are opportunities to grow, learn, and expand my soul family.

I now say to the boogeyman when he creeps around, 'Hello old friend, no need to run, I have friends, family, and angels who would love to meet you and help in any way, we are a wild and fun bunch!!'

With deepest love and gratitude, Angela

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