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I AM, two words that have rooted me, nurtured me, inspired and assured me for years.

I first came upon the teachings of I AM years ago when I read Wayne Dyer's book Wishes Fulfilled and learned of the Divine Power attached to claiming my unique place in the universe, I AM.

When I felt scared, I AM Safe protected me.

When I felt weak, I AM Strong strengthened me.

When I felt sick, I AM Well restored me.

When I felt lost and confused, I AM Home rooted me.

When I felt alone, I AM Loved soothed me.

When I felt shadows of old shame, I AM Whole healed me.

When I felt overwhelmed, I AM centered me.

On my birthday this year, first day of summer, June 21st, I hiked 9 miles along Franconia Notch Ridge trail with my clan, summit one ridge, then higher to another, then higher to another summit.

My strength was challenged, inspired, and fueled by each step. Stepping above and beyond my limits to higher heights, into divine union with nature and spirit.

I came down from the clouds inspired for this tattoo. All of the tattoo shops in North Conway were booked months out, but I emailed and asked for a miracle. and got one, with a shop owner!

As the challenges of growing my own business and publishing my book come, along with the rewards of helping people and spreading light, I AM rooted while reaching for the sky.

I AM, We Are, unique and gifted, perfectly imperfect.

Claim Your Seat, Your Power, Your Light

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