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Reciprocal Exchange of Hope from Angela Shepherd

"The last couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity—the privilege really—to highlight some of the fun and festive traditions in our community that celebrate the holiday season and all of the joy they bring. Writing about the people and places that make our town a community is one of the things I enjoy most about writing this column for the last decade and a half.

One of my solemn responsibilities, though, in being our community’s unofficial storyteller, biographer and observer of humanity, is to also highlight the challenges that face us and how some in our community are working to meet those challenges....

by Troy Clarkson

Former Emerson House Program Director Writes Novel About Recovery

by Joanne Briana-Gartner

"Based on her own experiences and her many years as program director at Emerson House, Falmouth resident Angela Shepherd has crafted a novel about addiction recovery that follows an, at first, unnamed woman, “She,” as she experiences the many aspects of the program.

In “As She Recovers,” the main character is introduced to other women in the program, including Big Sis, who acts as a mentor, and various counselors, many of whom are graduates of the program. Program alumnae also come back to Emerson House to share their stories and to encourage the women who are currently in the program. The main character finds the program different from any rehab program she’s gone through in the past, discovering her own strength and self-worth over the course of several months at Emerson. The book is a compelling read regardless of whether one has struggled with addiction...

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